Do you know someone living an inspiring life in their silver years?

Download our free simple video toolkit and guide for tips on ways to share their story.


Sample Questions & Tips

Open - Ended Wisdom

  • What gets you up in the morning?

  • How old do you feel?

  • Has religion or spirituality played a role for you in your life? 

  • What is the secret to a healthy and lasting relationship?

It’s Easy to Start!

  • Nothing fancy, your phone will do just fine to film.

  • Aim for short and sweet, around 3 minutes.

  • Documentary style! Stay off camera.

We’re excited to feature TheirStory as another way to record your videos. Record meaningful conversations and archive them for current and future generations.

Like if Ancestry.Com had a FaceTime component, you’ll be able to connect with living relatives or friends for a virtual interview. It’s easy to sign up, and allows you to join an online Silver Screen community where you can see other peoples’ videos.

Learn how to use TheirStory in our DIY kit.