Every year we gather around the Seder table to retell the story of Passover. Sharing in traditions and rituals that span back generations, we treasure these moments when we come together, young and old, as family and community.

This year, Reboot is launching a campaign to capture the wisdom and experiences of those elders at our tables with our Silver Screen Studios Passover project. We are encouraging people all over the country to film short interviews of older adults who will share their lessons, stories and perspective about the meaning of the Passover holiday. Together we will explore the rituals, flavors and themes of Passover from those that have been guiding the traditions in our lives.

Who around you is aging with wisdom, insight and inspiration? Add their story to the Silver Screen community this Passover. Using our easy to access filming guide, anyone can become an amateur filmmaker and create simple, short videos that highlight the importance of this holiday - storytelling, ritual, family and community.


Our four questions

•  Do you have a favorite Passover tradition or ritual?

•  What was your most memorable Passover seder?

•  Where do you hope you are next Passover?

•  What does the Passover story mean to you?