Your Silver Screen Videos

Do you know someone who is living their silver years to the fullest? It’s easy to share their story and inspire others by contributing a short video interview, using our DIY #SilverScreenStudiosProject toolkit. Discover how to upload your video, and even have it featured as part of the the official series!

Martin Feldman, cantor emeritus of Congregation Sherith Israel in San Francisco, serenades us with his beautiful singing voice and shares insight into living life out loud and with meaning.


Juliet Simmons talks to her 97-year old aunt, Cynthia Green, who worked in fashion and retail into her 90s! Join Juliet in being inspired by Cynthia's strong drive, her words of wisdom, and her belief that age is not a barrier to anything.

Stacy Horne interviews her 97-year-old grandmother, Louise Silberman, to discover how she tackles life's challenges and stays so positive and vibrant at her age.

Ready to get started? All you need is someone important to you, some questions, and a smartphone or camera. Need more insight or tips on creating your own video? Download our free DIY toolkit with question guides, video tips and more here.